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Pourquoi les couples se marient autant en 2023. Why people are much more who marry in 2023? En-Fr

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The tendancy seems to be there in France, we don't know in other countries.

In April 2023, the number of wedding reached total amount of 2019. Means not only because covid crisis from 2020 until 2022... Analysis!

We just believe that Love affair means involvement, not only pretty words. And, when we just thing about what is deeply important in this bizarre life... Love remain, as couple, family, friends, health, and social life as a job in which you can feel good just because gentle colleagues... Security, some spiritual dimension and... dreams are the final main points that each one finally consider. And, undoubtly, wedding is the absolute synthesis of all these dimension.

Just see what is expressed, designed... When you marry or being attendee in a wedding... All these is the main matter.

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